Poems by Rochelle Logan-Rodgers


‘We’ll see you up there Brother Danny’

To the world, death is the end
But as joint heirs in Christ
We can amend
The sadness and confusion
And the popular trend
That heaven doesn’t exist The world’s earthly eyes haven’t seen

The new earth, new life and incorruptible beings
We shall become
Transformed in the blink of an eye
Where Brother Danny’s sickness
No longer resides
Renewed, unspoilt, perfection
You decide…Before you die
Where you will reside

Sometimes we hover and fly an act like a bird
But we need to be sheep and become one of His herd
Uncle Danny made a choice to receive God’s word
Seeds that God planted with each word heard
And for the days that he was ill and spent his Sunday’s apart
He’d remind Aunt Norma that the Lord was in his heart
So it’s better to get close to God than from Him depart
And what better time than now, today to start

We can give thanks to the lamb who paved a way
So that when we go to sleep
He’ll wake us up that day
And for those who followed Him
There is no price we pay
We’ll be caught up to meet Him
So even if in the ground we lay
No grave can hold us
And so in faith we say
We’ll see Brother Danny up there one day.

Rochelle ‘RochelleLoRo’ Logan-Rodgers©02/02/2012

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