Poems by Rochelle Logan-Rodgers


2010, 2010
Goodbye 2009
The year has passed
We shan’t see it again
Here’s a new chance for you to shine

Reflecting back, but striving forward
A new day is dawning
Make a fresh start
Enter with a clean heart
Take heed of yesterday’s warnings

Prioritise and stop procrastinating
Treat others as yourself
Fulfil promises and resolutions
Give valuable contributions
To your community and oneself

New Year, new start, new slate
And the same God to see us through
With the benevolent offer of love and forgiveness
And His grace that’s sufficient for you

Goodbye 2009, what an interesting year
Swine flu, Michael Jackson and Obama
This was my year of maturity
And a year to overcome insecurities
And conquer any drama

In 2010 May you be prosperous and blessed
As a new era is born from this eve
Stay focused and walk in God’s will
And May His plans for you be fulfilled
Prepare to believe, strive achieve and be thankful to receive.

Rochelle SN Logan-Rodgers©31/12/09

Rochelle Logan-Rodgers
Regional Poetry Director

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