Sunrise 20 July 1938 – Sunset 15 February 2012

At Rest With The Lord

Oh God, my Lord we miss Mum so much,
we miss her smile, her humour;
we miss her tender touch.
But we thank you Lord as
we shed these tears,
for our loving Mother,
for the precious times we shared.
We thank you Lord for
being in our hearts,
for the faith Mum installed in us
although we are now apart.
Mum is with you oh Lord,
no more pain,
no sorrow or medication,
Mum is in heaven with you
oh God due to her devotion,
faith and dedication.
You called her home my Lord,
so her soul can sing,
ending the sorrows
that illness can bring.
We would like to ask you Lord,
to show us the way,
to serve you and get to heaven,
so we can see our Mum again someday.

Japanese Tea Cup

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