Poems by Michael Campbell



Thinking of the mosquito in amber.
And embedded ribs of the prehistoric
Embossed on the sediments of the mire.
The memory of such power housed in rock

Can be likened onto many of us
For our true strength remains encased in clay,
Our potential preserved as the marks,
The signs of life, set, in the place we last lay

Coiled up like a frozen fossilised people
God’s chosen in the markings, but dormant
As a sleeping mountain, a relic in shale
Like those animals of the past, extinct.

What of our strength!? What of our backbone!?
What of the breath that was infused into
our members? Of the spirit, of the dominion
And the inheritance we have come in to.

We are the majestic, the priests of the land
We are as giants, titans, and Lebanese Cedars
We, the strange, the peculiar of his hand,
Are the earths conscience, salt of the land and seas.

Michael Campbell (Wembley Church)

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