The Good Fight of Faith

The Good Fight of Faith

I therefore stand as a good soldier of Jesus Christ
My loins are guarded with truth
With my breastplate of righteousness
The preparation of the gospel covers my feet

Most importantly, I stand with my shield of faith
My helmet of salvation covers my head in my heart
I carry the word of God which keeps the Spirit’s sword
Always praying in the Spirit with all prayer and supplication
In the Spirit being mindful of this as I persevere for the saints

Yes! I am now a fully equipped soldier ready for war
Not to destroy my loved ones and friends
But to fight the good fight of faith against the enemy

I fight not for glory; because it’s God’s
Neither for fortune or fame
I don’t serve because of fear but of love
You see, I am not just a soldier but servant of the Most High.

By Emerson Newton©15/04/2015
Member of Wembley COGOP
PoetryCorner LDNNorth

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